How To Style Up Your Bedroom For Less Than $100 

Your bedroom is arguably the place you fall back on, no matter how blissful or tough the times are. The bedroom is quintessentially the place that defines you the best in your home. It may thus be called a home inside a home. Decorating the bedroom is not just an activity, it is a right. Bedroom decoration is something that keeps your life moving at a happy pace. To keep this pace up, there is not much of financial input required.


In fact, it is possible to give your bedroom a brand new decor in less than $100. In this write-up, we talk about the ways in which this can be made possible. 

Get some cheap paintings 

Modern art sometimes does not cost much. However, it is highly capable of accentuating the appeal of your furniture when placed cleverly enough. This will invariably be a surprising new input without spending much money. A reasonable painting can be bought for less than $50. 

Play with wallpaper 

Wallpaper can be costly sometimes. So, it must be avoided. However, you can go for a wallpapered properly while you leave the other walls just as they are. This brings the wallpaper pattern to stand out. You can get a decent wallpaper for about $40. 

Bring in the aroma of fresh flowers 

Flowers cost nothing but can still form a worthy accent when placed in the right position. Flowers by the side of your bed can give you major color pops just when necessary. So, do not shy away from flowers. They are one of the cheapest and most beautiful decor options. 

Take a stroll to the attic 

Your grandparents must have owned a set of vintage furniture which now occupies the attic. This furniture can give an interesting vintage touch to your bedroom. There would not be much of an investment and the juxtaposition of old and new items would attract eyeballs. 

Play with mix and match 

Matching textures are out of the picture in this era of life. In fact, too much-matching items could make the bedroom look bland. Mixing and matching is something that hails from the modern era and speaks a thousand words to the senses. 

Get a canopy 

The canopy on a bed is a beautiful romantic setting. It is something that can bring beauty to your bedroom in about $30. 

Get some mirrors 

Mirrors have a dramatic effect on your bedroom. Cleverly placed mirrors can actually make a small room look larger. Moreover, mirrors mean another definition of luxury. 

Spruce up the curtains 

You can play with the curtains on the windows of the room in about $25. It is a fair deal when considering the weight of accent that the curtains are capable of providing to your bedroom. 

Now that you know that it is just possible to decorate your bedroom within $100, it is your time to make proper use of the deal. Do not wait anymore, decorate your bedroom today. Happy decorating! 

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