Keurig vs. Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Keurig Coffee Makers vs. Cuisinart Coffee Makers 

With the popularity of coffee rising globally, more and more coffee makers are coming into the market. These coffee makers are rapidly pleasing the users and marking a territory of their own owing to the special features they have on offer. There are some brands that are prominent in the market. We are specifically picking up Keurig and Cuisinart for a comparison in this write-up. Before we begin, we must let you know that we will be directly comparing the features while the right of choice rests in your hands. With that mentioned, let us now begin with the comparison we are waiting for.

  1. The price tag 

This aspect prevails as the most important one when it comes to choosing appliances for your home. 

You may be surprised by a huge company of friends who often visit you. Needless to say, they must be coffee lovers. You need to prepare a lot of coffee for them. The frequent company can be dealt better with a Keurig in comparison to the Cuisinart and it comes at a much cheaper price. If you keep the condition aside, the too Keurig is the cheaper yet quality choice. 

  1. For feeding more people 

As all ready mentioned, the Keurig is better suited for a large amount of coffee, now we will confront the reason for the same. The ability is backed by Keurig’s carafe packs which make it easier for you to deliver about 3-4 cups at a time. 

  1. If you want to do it like a pro 

If you are looking simply for a coffee maker to make your life easier, Keurig Coffee Maker is the best for you. However, if you are coffee aficionado, Cuisinart provides a greater of options including a water filter. This ensures that your coffee is always fresh and flavourful. 

  1. Noise 

Noise can be nuisance when it comes to making coffee. Moreover, you might be making coffee at night. This calls for a quietly running machine so that you do not end up disturbing people. The Cuisinart is known to work quietly – an advantage over Keurig. 

  1. The reservoir capacity 

It may be hectic to go around filling water again and again. This is particularly ruled out by the Cuisinart coffee makers as they come with a reservoir capacity of about 80 ounces. Such a capacity is rarely found with Keurig machines. This also gives you the flexibility of getting larger outputs. 

  1. The machine feels 

Cuisinart is considered to be a class apart with its appeal. People who are fans of Cuisinart appliances are suggested to go for the Cuisinart coffee maker as it will fit better with other appliances in your kitchen with the same branding. This implies that if you are spending money on an expensive coffee machine, the money is valued. You will not be disappointed with the feel that a Cuisinart is capable of giving to you. 


There ends the showdown. As you might have observed, both the machines have their respective facets. As we said, the choice is highly subjective owing to your personal preferences. The prerequisite knowledge is here while the choice is yours. Happy brewing! 

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10 Things I Love About The Ninja Coffee Bar CF112 

Ninja has been able to carve quite a niche for itself in the world of coffee brewing. Coffee is just so irresistible that you cannot overlook the idea of having a coffee brewer at home. And rest assured the best choice would remain Ninja Coffee Brewer. There are several reasons why I advocate Ninja brewers. Those reasons would be further elucidated in the forthcoming discussion. One thing everybody is sure of is that the Ninja Coffee Bar system has been highly capable of handling all kinds of coffee needs owing to the specialties it comes pre-equipped with. If you want a detailed comparison of the same, then you should read more here.


Let us now go on and see the things I have come to love about my Ninja Coffee Bar CF112. 

  • The CF112 is an efficient machine 

The CF112 generally targets the low-end market of coffee brewers. If you happen to be perpetually on a budget just like me, the machine is handcrafted for you. The machine comes with a year-long warranty which sounds substantial enough for a budget brewer like this. 

  • Some Ninja Specialty 

Every Ninja brewer comes pre-installed with a technology that seeks to extract the full flavour out of coffee beans. This technology is capable of giving you a moment with your favorite cup which you cannot help but cherish. 

  • It comes with a frother 

One of the many facets of a Ninja brewer is its built-in frother that is capable of handling both hot and cold inputs. I have benefited from this particular feature more times than I can even care to remember. 

  • The presence of the tumbler 

If there is one thing that I am the proudest of, it is the presence of the tumbler that is capable of handling both cold and hot inputs. It has a capacity of 22 ounces. 

  • The presence of all brew types 

Ninja has no lack of brew types when it comes to the art of brewing. The CF112 has all of them present. Moreover, it also has Cafe Forte. 

  • Its permanent filter 
  • Ninja has made coffee makers’ life easy by installing a filter that does not need to be replaced at regular intervals. It is a revolution at best. 
  • One-touch intelligent technology 

The evolution of technology at the hands of Ninja has recorded a new high with the advent of Auto-iQ technology. This is the most important forte of the machine. It allows the brewer to take care of the ratio of coffee with water. 

  • The presence of custom sizes of brew 

The CF112 has the all the required brew sizes available with it.  

  • Choice of brew types 

This choice remains, by far, the most important aspect of Ninja brewers. It cannot be brushed aside and is the topmost USP of the brewer. 

  • The pride of using a Ninja 

As I have discussed earlier as well, this brewer comes within a budget and is a Ninja. I am telling you there is absolutely nothing better in this world. 

Now that you have read about the loveable things about the CF112, you must consider going for it. Happy brewing! 

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Where To Find Ninja Blender Parts? 

There is no doubt Ninja has taken over the market of coffee makers with a revolutionary turn of things. The brand has no comparison in the market. In fact, Ninja can easily be propagated as the best brand for home. But a machine also gets tired sometimes. There are times when replacement of some parts becomes a necessity. Owning a Ninja is definitely a pride in itself but finding replacement parts may be a tedious work. Although there are many online sites that sell replacement parts it requires a little bit of research to find the right parts for your particular blender. 

Some things to consider 

You must go through the user’s manual before using the blender; this makes sure the machine carries on working for a long time. Where there is a necessity for replacement, you must look out for your budget as well. Finding parts is not a huge task when you know the right place. We are here to help you find the right place for your blender parts. 


Finding the parts on retail sites 

According to SolidGoldEats, Finding a ninja Blender has never been easier if you read the best ninja blender reviews. The ninja blender has several types of serving containers. These containers can be easily found online. Sites like eBay and Amazon are quite the best places to find them to your liking. The following parts can be easily located online from this category: 

  • A set of six Bar Straws 
  • The tumbler that can handle both cold and hot inputs, of size XL 
  • A travel mug that can handle both cold and hot inputs, of size XL 
  • Carafe well suited for the Over-Ice brew type 
  • A caddy 
  • A pitcher of 72 ounces capacity, with a lid. This product is specific for the model of your Ninja. 
  • A set of two 16 ounces capacity cups for single serve 


Finding the accessories on Ninja’s own site 

If there is anything that perfectly complements your Ninja blender, it is going to be the original accessories and other parts. Buying genuine parts from a genuine place is a habit one should nurture. Ninja has its own sales website that sells parts of the products apart from the products themselves. The site is flooded with accessories to choose from. There is not a better market place. Following items can be easily seen on the website: 

  • Spiralizing 
  • Pitchers 
  • Lids 
  • Sleeves and cups 
  • Cookbooks 
  • Kits 
  • Bowls 
  • Discs and blades 
  • Bases 

These are categories of which the parts are divided. The categorical approach further simplifies your search for the right parts. It creates a product-specific environment so that you do not have to put in much effort. The parts are provided with the trust of Ninja. This kind of partnership of genuineness paves the way for a seamless experience with the blender. You can never get disappointed with a Ninja. 

Now that you know where to find the parts for your Ninja blender, you must also realize that these parts would help you keep the machine fresh at all times. Happy blending! 

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