About Us

Welcome to Siri’s Chef’s Secret

For those of you, who are here for the first time, thank you for choosing to be with us tonight.  Everyone here at Siri’s Chef’s Secret would like to extend you an especially warm welcome.

Siri’s Chef’s Secret is a family endeavor.  My husband, Sutti, is the mastermind behind the design, decoration, and presentation of our dishes.  All our recipes have been handed down from my mother, my dear aunt, and of course from the original  Chef’s Secret.  Every dish is carefully prepared to bring out the subtleties and pleasures of our fine blend of classical Thai and American Cuisine.

What really makes Siri’s Chef’s Secret special is that our family has done it’s best to provide the finest union of classical Thai and American Cuisine cooked to perfection.  Here at Siri’s Chef’s Secret, we are committed to quality, value, and your complete satisfaction.  We hope that your experience has been a memorable one and that you’ll come and visit us again and again.


Siri and the Management